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Alabama Cubensis Spores

We now have Alabama Cubensis magic mushroom spores for sale in the UK. Alabama Cubensis is from the Psilocybe cubensis species. As the name suggests, it was discovered in southern Alabama, growing off of cattle dung.SYRINGES ARE AVAILABLE IN 10ML SIZE ONLY.

Ape Revert Spores

We now have Ape Revert magic mushroom spores for sale in the UK. APE Revert is a mutation from the world-famous Albino Penis Envy strain. Many mycologists consider this iteration to be even better than the original APE, due to this strain’s ability to drop spores.SYRINGES ARE AVAILABLE IN 10ML SIZE ONLY.

Ban Hua Thai Spores

Our high-density Ban Hua Thai spore syringes come packed with millions of spores, making them ideal for microscopy. It is simply a must-have for any collector’s spore library.

Blue Magnolia Spores

For long-term storage, keep spore syringes in a dark place and preferably in a fridge at 2-8 ℃. They will last up to a year or more if stored correctly.

Golden Mammoth Spores

We now have Golden Mammoth magic mushroom spores for sale in the UK. The Golden Mammoth is a strain of Psilocybe cubensis first isolated in the late 1990s, by a well-known Canadian mycologist, known as SporePod.SYRINGES ARE AVAILABLE IN 10ML SIZE ONLY.

Golden Teacher Spores

All our Genetic Spore syringes are produced in the UK under a sterile laboratory work area making sure your spores arrive in optimum condition. Syringes are best stored refrigerated between 2C – 8C.SYRINGES ARE AVAILABLE IN 10ML SIZE ONLY.

Gulf Coast Spores

Our high-density Gulf Coast spore syringes come packed with millions of spores, making them ideal for microscopy. It is simply a must-have for any collector’s spore library.SYRINGES ARE AVAILABLE IN 10ML SIZE ONLY.

Hawaiian Spores

We now have Hawaiian magic mushroom spores for sale in the UK. Hawaiian (not to be confused with Hawaiian Copelandia) is a strain Psilocybe cubensis, originally from the beautiful island of Hawaii. It produces heavy fruit bodies with wide caps and big stems, similar to the Cambodian strain.SYRINGES ARE AVAILABLE IN 10ML SIZE ONLY.

Malabar Spore Syringes

We now have Malabar magic mushroom spores for sale in the UK. The Malabar mushroom was discovered off the south western region of India. This mushroom has been about for many generations, and is described as ‘Soma’, meaning food of the gods, giving mystical and transcendental experiences.SYRINGES ARE AVAILABLE IN 10ML SIZE ONLY.

PES Amazonian PESA Spores

Our high-density PES Amazonian (PESA) spore syringes come packed with millions of spores, making them ideal for microscopy. It is simply a must-have for any collector’s spore library.

Shakti Spore Swabs

These are spore swabs, NOT spore syringes. Please make sure you are aware of the difference before purchasing. We do not recommend this product for beginners.

Texas Yellow Cap Spores

We now have Texas Yellow Cap magic mushroom spores for sale in the UK. Texas Yellow Cap “TYC” originates in south Texas outside of Corpus Christi. Texas is a known for its high population of Cubensis mushrooms near coast humidity and plenty of cattle lands, the state provides perfect environment for mushrooms to thrive in the wild.SYRINGES ARE AVAILABLE IN 10ML SIZE ONLY.

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Want to Buy magic mushroom spores? Look no further! Our selection of high-quality, laboratory-grade psilocybin mushroom spore syringes is perfect for research purposes.

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Tidal Wave MushroomsBest Magic Mushroom Spores: Our spores are viable, contaminant-free, and loaded with hundreds of thousands of tiny spores. We offer a variety of strains, including the popular Golden Teacher strain, which is known for its smooth golden caps and hardy, contamination-resistant nature.Our spores are easy to use and store, and each syringe comes labeled with the strain name as well as a depiction of what that strain appears like when fruiting. Shop now and unlock the wonders of this phenomenal realm!

What is Magic Mushroom Spores

Buy Magic Mushroom Spores, The spore of a mushroom contains all of the necessary materials to form a new fungus. When the spores of a mushroom are released, they may travel a certain distance before they land. The single cell then sends out hyphae to help establish the fungus and gather food.

How do you get mushroom spores?

Magic Mushroom Spores For Sale, Mushrooms with gills: The spores lie on the gill surface. Cut off the stem and place the cap, with the gills facing down, on a piece of aluminum foil, a white piece of paper, an index card or a glass microscope slide. Buy Magic Mushroom Spores, Put a drop of water on the top of the cap to help release the spores. Best Magic Mushroom Spore For Sale Online 

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Jack Frost Mushrooms

What is the difference between mushroom spores and mushroom spawn?

Best Magic Mushroom Spores, Following spore germination, mushroom spawn is the next step in the fungal life cycle prior to mushroom development. Spawn is the commercial term for mycelium colonizing a prepared substrate, such as straw, wood chips, or sawdust, and forms the backbone of all large-scale mushroom-growing operations. Buy Magic Mushroom Spores 

Is a mushroom a spore or a fungus?

Mushrooms are fungi. They belong in a kingdom of their own, separate from plants and animals.

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Golden Teacher Mushrooms

How do mushroom spores germinate?

Buy Magic Mushroom Spore, The spores travel from the mushroom along wind currents, and when they land in a moist place, they germinate. Each spore grows a network of fine threads of hyphae, which creep over and through the food. Best Magic Mushroom Spore For Sale Online


Buy magic mushroom spore syringes at ZamnesiaWhen cultivating magic mushrooms at home, there will come a point when you need to inoculate something. Be it agar, sugar solution, or a PF tek cake, you're going to need to add spores at some point. Often, a syringe is the best way to do so. Here at Zamnesia, we offer a range of high-quality magic mushroom spore syringes for you to buy.


A spore syringe is a magic mushroom spore print already loaded into a solution inside a syringe. The spores are activated by being in this solution, and are ready to be used immediately for inoculation, or can be stored in the fridge.


If you grow magic mushrooms from scratch, you’ll almost definitely need to use a spore syringe at some point for inoculation. If you make them yourself, you run the risk of contaminating the spores and ruining the grow before it’s even begun.Our spore syringes are totally sterile and mean that your grow can get off to a clean and healthy start.


There are many reasons to buy magic mushroom spore syringes from Zamnesia. Not only are they sterile, but our spore prints contain the highest quality magic mushroom spores, meaning you get the highest quality magic mushrooms. We ship fast and discreetly and offer fantastic service if anything goes wrong with your order.


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Zamnesia is the best place to shop for magic mushroom spore syringes. Clean, high quality, and with reliable service, we have years of experience behind us, and can offer you the best products around. To begin your magic mushroom cultivation journey, shop with Zamnesia!